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4 Emmanuel Home of Protection (Karl & Beth Brassfield)

MISSIONARY EMAIL NEWSLETTERS: Karl and Beth Brassfield serve as the Directors of the Emmanuel Home of Protection - a home for sexually abused, girls. They also oversee BMDMI's Medical Clinic in the town of Diriamba.

The Brassfields have four children - Natalie, Emily, Melanie, and Isaac - and are from Claremore, Oklahoma.

The Emmanuel Home of Protection is located in Diriamba, Nicaragua and provides protection for young ladies who have been victims of abuse. We provide a loving and safe environment where thes young ladies receive spiritual, emotional and psychological support, education, pre-vocational training, food, clothing and shelter. These young ladies may or may not have family, but have been placed in our care because of their need for special protection.

Amanda Hill

NEWSLETTERS: Amanda Hill (Candidate): Approved September 22, 2012. Amanda is an ultrasound tech at Northwest Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. She is applying to be a full-time missionary in Nicaragua. She would like to use her skills as an ultrasound tech, as well as establish a ministry of discipleship for girls and women. Amanda is currently in the process of fund-raising and then will attend language school.

Anna Kate Mullinix

Anna Kate Mullinix was approved as a Sojourner Missionary on May 17, 2014. She is from Jackson, AL and works as a Community Life Coordinator for adults with cognitive disabilities. Anna Kate graduated in August of 2013 from Auburn University with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Hunger Studies. She has a passion for working with some of the most vulnerable in Nicaragua and is looking forward to serving with the Brassfields at the Emmanuel Home of Protection.

Ben & Kimberly Benedict

MISSIONARY EMAIL NEWSLETTERS: Ben and Kimberly Benedict joined BMDMI January 2015. They have been serving in South Asia since 2013. Ben develops and oversees pastor training programs in remote villages. He is involved in the Feed the Shepherds program and will be developing an on-site Bible school. His passion is discipling the hearts of the pastors who shepherd the Body of Christ.

Kimberly's heart is with believing women. Her work is in women's discipleship and literacy programs. Ben and Kimberly have partnered with Kevin and Cynthia Weldon to establish a children's home in a remote region at the base of the Himalayas.

The Benedicts are from Cortez, Colorado.

Ben Frusher

NEWSLETTER: Benjamin Frusher (Sojourner/Candidate): Approved September 22, 2012. Ben is from Jetmore, Kansas and works on his family’s cattle ranch as a farmhand. He is applying with BMDMI with the goal of working with Kelly in the area of agriculture/gardening at the GSCH. He has already completed language school and is in the process of fundraising.

Bruce & Laurie Johnson

MISSIONARY EMAIL NEWSLETTERS: Bruce and Laurie Johnson were approved by The Board July 23rd, 1995. They spent 1996 in Costa Rica for language school and have been serving in Honduras since 1997. In addition to overseeing the construction projects undertaken by the Mission in Honduras, Bruce manages all of the Mission's websites, email systems, and the Mission's accounting computer program for our missionaries. Bruce also developed a Photo Ministry for the Honduran Mission Teams and is heading up "Group Ministries" to other serving missionaries in Honduras.

Laurie serves as the Administrator for the Good Shepherd Christian Academy which educates children from the Good Shepherd Children's Home and the surrounding community. The school ranges from Pre-K through the 9th grades. Laurie also teaches one of the grade levels each year.

The Johnson's are from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Chad & Nikki Williams

MISSIONARY EMAIL NEWSLETTERS: Chad and Nikki Williams made their first trip to Honduras in 2007 and after several more trips they heeded Gods call to full-time missions. After a year in Costa Rica studying Spanish they are now in Honduras living in Tegucigalpa. They will be working in Team Ministries as missionaries in charge with short term mission teams.

Chris & Denyse Williams

MISSIONARY EMAIL NEWSLETTERS: Chris & Denyse Williams are following God’s call to serve in BMDMI’s ministries operated in Guiamaca, Honduras, including the Baptist Hospital and Short-term Mission Teams. Chris has extensive experience with well drilling and Denyse is a Pharmacist. The Williams are currently raising funds for their ministry after which they will attend language school in Costa Rica. They have 3 children: Madison, Rylea and Olivia.

The Williams are from Many, Louisiana.

Darrel & Cathey Johnson

MISSIONARY EMAIL NEWSLETTERS: Darrel & Cathey Johnson have been serving in Nicaragua since 1996 where they have been involved in many of BMDMI's ministries.

Darrel currently serves as the Field Director for Nicaragua but is also responsible for working with Short-Term Mission Teams and overseeing the ministry of the Bible Institute. He also works closely with our pastors, counseling and encouraging them as they serve their own congregations.

Cathey is the administrator for the Mount of Olives Christian School in San Gregorio which she helped to establish in 1998. Additionally, Cathey is also involved in music and women's ministries, which involve retreats and/or seminars and a prison ministry.

David & Beverly Shivar

David and Beverly will be serving in Nicaragua. They will be involved in Pastoral training with the Dwight Carr Bible Institute in Diriamba, encouraging BMDMI Pastors throughout Nicaragua, and church planting with short term volunteer teams.

Dennis & Ann Moore

Dennis & Ann Moore (Sojourners to Honduras) Approved: May 11, 2013
The Moores are from Vicksburg, MS. Dennis is retired from the U.S. Corps of Engineers. Ann worked as an Administrative Assistant at Woodlawn Baptist Church. The Moores have been involved with BMDMI short-term mission teams since 2005. They are currently working in Honduras with team ministry and pastoral support.

Eric & Christy Duplantis

Eric and Christy Duplantis were approved May 17, 2014. They are from Houma, LA where Eric is a retired teacher and Christy works as a school nurse. They hope to serve with the Good Shepherd Children's Home in the area of family ministry, feeling led to minister to the broken families of the children there. They have 2 married daughters, Katie and Brittany, 2 sons-in-law Chris and Howard, and 3 grandchildren, Breanna, Evan, and Dane. Their oldest son, Tyler, will be staying in the states for college, and they will be traveling to Honduras with their 2 youngest children, Saydi and Benjy.

J.P. & Sheree Postlewait

NEWSLETTER: J.P. & Sheree Postlewait (Candidate) Approved May 19, 2012. J.P. and Sheree are from Springfield, Tennessee, and they have 1 child, Lily. They have felt God’s call to serve full-time in Honduras at the Good Shepherd Children’s Home assisting with the day-to-day operations. J.P. is a machinist (wood) and Sheree is a pharmacist. The Postlewait family moved to language school in Costa Rica in January, 2013.

Jack Ogden

Jack Ogden has been a team pharmacist for many years and now serves as a sojourner missionary to Nicaragua. Since June 2012, he has been overseeing the Team Pharmacy at the Mission Home in Nicaragua as well as assisting missionary, Darrel Johnson, with team ministry.

Jack is from Newalla, OK.

Jimmy & Bonny Abbott

e-Newsletters from Jimmy & Bonny Abbott, BMDMI Missionaries to Honduras. Jimmy & Bonny Abbott have been involved with the various ministries in Guaimaca, Honduras for many years, serving in a support role when it was operated by World Baptist Missions. As BMDMI missionaries, the Abbotts will continue to focus on supporting the Guaimaca Ministries through hands-on work on the field as well as coordinating shipments of hospital supplies stateside.

Josh & Laurie Moudy

Josh and Laurie are from Purvis, Mississippi and have 2 young children. Josh is currently the Student Pastor at Hardy Street Baptist Church and Laurie works as the Preschool Director there. The Moudy's feel called to the country of Nicaragua. Josh would like to be involved in church planting and discipleship, while Laurie is drawn to the Emmanuel Home of Protection where she could lead bible studies and teach cooking classes to the young ladies in the home. (Approved on Jan. 26, 2013)

Kenneth & Kirsten Nelson

Ken and Kirsten Nelson are from Dothan, AL. They have three children: Connor-15, Kayleigh-12, and Cade-8. Their family has previously served as missionaries to Ecuador with International Mission Board. Ken will be overseeing the ministries of The Thomas Herrington Bible Institute including pastoral support for the national pastors of BMDMI Baptist church plants in Honduras. Kirsten will be serving as the anesthetist for Hospital Bautista in Guaimaca on the Guaimaca Ministries Team.

Kevin & Cynthia Weldon

Kevin & Cynthia Weldon (Career Missionaries) Approved May 11, 2013
Before being called to the mission field, Kevin and Cynthia both worked in medical sales. They are currently serving in Kathmandu, Nepal. Their intentions are to minister to the street children of Nepal, with plans to build an orphanage and a medical facility in western Nepal.

Landa Carnes

Missionary Candidate to Nicaragua

Lemuel & Tammy Baker

Sojourners: Approved Sept. 21, 2013 The Bakers are from Greensburg, KY. Lemuel is a registered nurse with over 20 years of nursing experience primarily in the operating room. Tammy is also a registered nurse with over 25 years of nursing experience primarily in health education. They have been involved with short term mission trips to Honduras since 2006. They have 2 sons and 2 granddaughters. They will be working at the Hospital Bautista and other Guaimaca ministries.

Lynda Gregg

MISSIONARY EMAIL NEWSLETTERS: Having almost reached the age of retirement, God decided He had other plans and called her to become a full time missionary to Honduras. She has been in Honduras since 2009 and has expanded BMDMI's eyeglass ministry, including a mobile eyeglass ministry where she goes to the villages our teams aren't able to reach. Lynda's ministry is taking better sight to the people of Honduras.

Lynda is from Landrum,South Carolina. She has two grown married daughters and five grandchildren.

Marina Calderon

MISSIONARY EMAIL NEWSLETTERS: Marina has been serving in Honduras since 1998. She works in the areas of child evangelism, Sunday School teacher training, and Ladies Discipleship. Originally from Nicaragua, Marina also works closely with church pastors to encourage them in their work with children.

Mark & Diane Shade

Mark & Diane Shade were approved as career missionary candidates to Nicaragua on February 21, 2015. Living in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, they currently operate a concessions/food trailer at special events. Mark also caters and serves lunch several days each week to the downtown business area. Diane works at a local well known oil company, as an Analyst's Assistant. The Shades will have several administrative duties in Nicaragua for BMDMI using their bookkeeping and computer skills. They also plan to have several other outreach ministries as they grow in Nicaragua.

Mike & Laura Luke

Mike and Laura Luke were approved as Sojourner missionaries to Guaimaca, Honduras on August 8, 2015. The Lukes are originally from Florida and have been serving as missionaries in Guatemala for the past 2 years with another mission organization. They have 5 daughters at home. Mike’s background is in computer technology, and Laura is a pediatrician. They will be serving at the Centro Medico de Especialidades (Baptist Hospital) in Guaimaca.

Mike & Marty Edwards

MISSIONARY EMAIL NEWSLETTERS: Mike & Marty Edwards began language school in Costa Rica in 2007 and arrived in Honduras for full-time service in January 2009. After five years of service with BMDMI, Mike is now the Field Director for Honduras which he began in January 2012. Marty remains the counselor for the Good Shepherd Children’s Home. Madison, their youngest daughter, moved back to the States in August 2012 to begin college after serving on the field with them since 2009. They have three daughters, two sons-in-law, and one granddaughter.

The Edwards are from Callahan, Florida.

Rene & Brooke Pizzati

Missionaries to Honduras

René & Brooke Pizzati have been serving as missionaries in Honduras for the past three years. They work in the areas of evangelism, discipleship and church growth in La Esperanza, Honduras and surrounding villages.

René & Brooke have two small children (Gabby & Owen). René is originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras and Brooke is from Pinopolis, South Carolina.

Rick & Melanie Dardar

Rick and Melanie Dardar were approved as career missionaries to Nicaragua, on August 8, 2015. The Dardars are from Perkinston, MS and have 7 children at home. Rick is a self-employed carpenter and has served in church ministry. Melanie stays home to homeschool their children. The Dardars plan to partner with Josh and Laurie Moudy in serving the people of RAAN (northern region of Nicaragua). Their focus of ministry will be on church planting, evangelism, and discipleship.

Ryan & Shawnna Bellaw

Ryan and Shawnna Bellaw live in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina where Ryan is a family practice physician assistant and Shawnna homeschools their two younger daughters Morgan (age 10) and Payton (age 8). They also have two older children Lauren (age 21) who lives with her husband Jake in Bellevue, NE and Chandler (age 19) lives in Atlantic Beach.

They plan to serve at the hospital in Guaimaca and assist medical and surgical teams as well as share the Gospel and provide medical care to smaller outlying villages.

Shane & Kerri Estes

Shane and Kerri Estes were approved as career missionary candidates to Nicaragua on February 21, 2015. They currently reside in Walnut Grove, Mississippi with their four children: Jeylan, Deznee, Pheebie and Jaxsen. Shane is a self-contracted carpenter and Kerri teaches high school Spanish. The Estes’ desire is to evangelize and disciple the youth of Nicaragua while training leaders within the churches to minister to the young people in their respective regions.

Todd & Katie Moody

Todd and Katie Moody, Missionary Candidates to Honduras

Todd and Katie are from Madison, Mississippi and have three boys -- Andrew, Conner & Wesley. Todd is a software engineer. After a career in Information technology and customer service, Katie has been a preschool teacher for five years.

They are looking forward to language school at the Spanish Language Institute in Costa Rica. At this time they feel led to be involved in work with teenage boys and young men to empower them to be Christian leaders and disciples in their homes, communities, and churches. They also hope to be involved in team ministries, evangelism, and church development.