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MISSIONARY EMAIL NEWSLETTERS: Darrel & Cathey Johnson have been serving in Nicaragua since 1996 where they have been involved in many of BMDMI's ministries.

Darrel currently serves as the Field Director for Nicaragua but is also responsible for working with Short-Term Mission Teams and overseeing the ministry of the Bible Institute. He also works closely with our pastors, counseling and encouraging them as they serve their own congregations.

Cathey is the administrator for the Mount of Olives Christian School in San Gregorio which she helped to establish in 1998. Additionally, Cathey is also involved in music and women's ministries, which involve retreats and/or seminars and a prison ministry.

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Darrel & Cathey Johnson Message

Sent December 24th 2012

Darrel & Cathey Johnson Message Brother Dwight has always had as a goal of the ministry of Baptist Medical Dental Mission (BMDMI) the equipping of our pastors and church leaders.  This goal continues to bear fruit through the BMDMI Bible Institutes in Honduras and Nicaragua.  In recognition of this worthy goal and of his many years of selfless, dedicated ministry through BMDMI, it was unanimously approved at the September, 2013, Board of Directors meeting to honor Brother Dwight by giving his name to th...

Darrel & Cathey Johnson Message

Sent April 14th 2012

Email Ready Newsletter , If you do not see the images on this newsletter please take the time to view it on the web CLICK HERE Publication Date: _2012-04-14 07:52:38_    Reporting the ministries of: _Darrel and Cathey Johnson_ Nica News BMDMI HOMEPAGE -- BMDMI NEWSLETTER ARCHIVESpowered by: Bruce Johnson BMDMI Webmaster ...

Graduation News

Sent January 22nd 2012

, If you do not see the images on this email please take the time to go see it on the web. "> CLICK HERE Publication Date: _2012-01-21 15:56:56_       Reporting the ministries of: _1 BMDMI e-News_ BMDMI E-newsletter Main BMDMI web site navigation → -->> HOME - TEAM SCHEDULES - TEAM FAQ - VIDEOS - OUR MISSIONARIES What a special graduation was experienced this past Saturday, January 14th at the Bible Institute of Baptist Medical Dental Mission, located...




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